NE Lawyer Supported Mediation
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NE Lawyer Supported Mediation
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What do you do if you and your ex can’t agree on arrangements for the children, or how the finances should be sorted out? No one wants to go to court if they can help it: it’s expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

Since April 2014, even before anyone can start court proceedings in relation to a children issue or a financial dispute following relationship breakdown, they must attempt to resolve the matter by way of mediation.

Leading North East family law solicitors, Major Family Law, offer a new, cost effective way to resolve your differences without unnecessary stress or acrimony.

Lawyer Supported Mediation is a new national initiative offering a fresh approach to resolving financial and children issues arising from separation.

Helping to keep costs and delays to a minimum, Lawyer Supported Mediation combines the certainty and expertise of using top legal advice with the services of an independent mediator to achieve an outcome you have determined as acceptable to you, which at the same time is fair to all concerned and legally binding.

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NE Lawyer Supported Mediation

NE Lawyer Supported Mediation

NE Lawyer Supported Mediation